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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In our previous post we did a public release of UFS device driver (Bare metal software) APIs - for use in the test-realization layer of portable stimulus models. This is our second release where we are publishing APIs to PCIe (low-level) device drivers. 

PCIe is undoubtedly the de-facto connectivity interface, boosting the IO device performance, in the emerging  computing platforms and infrastructure.  Almost all kinds of modern IO devices provide PCIe connectivity.  Today's high end server platforms and virtualization solutions are the most benefited solutions using PCIe. PCIe based subsystems/systems are critical design elements  for verification & validation teams. We hope our publication of PCIe LDD API's will serve the engineering community to accomplish their activity quickly and efficiently.

PCIe LDD API's are  developed keeping in view the specifications formulated by PCI-SIG(PCI- Special Interest Group). PCI-SIG community members coordinate to produce solutions within their particular field and formulate all the PCI standards specifications.

The API is being released under a liberal BSD license. Head over to our git page for more information. Please email your questions and comments to - we are listening!

Bharat Gebise

Lead Engineer at Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd

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